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Azerbaijan Technical University

Azərbaycan Texniki Universiteti


As a member of Open AIRE, AzTU aims to support, develop and disseminate open science and open access initiatives in Azerbaijan and as a lead academic institution in this direction.

Contribution to Open Science

Azerbaijan University of Technology was founded in complying with the execution of the Decree of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic dated 13.06.2000 on "Improvement of the Education System in the Republic of Azerbaijan" via expanding the branches of the Azerbaijan Technological Institute by the order No. 691 of the Minister of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic dated 11.07.2000.

Azerbaijan University of Technology was established on the initiative of the National Leader Нaydar Aliyev based on the Kirovabad branch of the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute named after Ch.Ildirim through adjoining the Baku branch of the Krasnodar Polytechnic Institute and “Technology of wine making”specialization of the Azerbaijan Agricultural Institute by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR №202 dated 22.02.1979 according to the edict№206 issued on 10.07.1980 by the Council of Ministers of the Az SSR.

The Azerbaijan University of Technology was awarded with the Honorary Decree of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Azerbaijan SSR and the Republican Trade Union Committee due to winning the second place in the competition held in 1982 among the universities of the Republic paired with occupying the first place in 1983-1984.The meanwhile, in 1984 the University was awarded with the Red Cross Banner of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan SSR and the LC G C of Azerbaijan.

Goals and objectives

  • Build and develop digital repository of LIC at Azerbaijan Technical University
  • Provide workshop and trainings regarding open source systems such as digital repository and journal system.
  • Working with graduate students to collect, preserve and make accessible the thesis and dissertations to develop
  • OA thesis and dissertation collection.
  • Create and develop internal policies based on OpenAIRE guidelines.
  • Organize research outputs of the university based on FAIR principles to make research outputs easily accessed.
  • Apply research data management at AzTU and disseminate research data management initiative in Azerbaijan.
  • Member since
Contact Info
Khayala Hajiyeva
Director, Library Information Center
  • Development of new library services
  • Provide support for academic publication with APC
  • Develop information literacy
  • Develop policy and procedures of LIC
  • Cooperate with local and international projects
  • Provide support for Open Access initiatives
  • Volunteering in international organizations to support the library and information discipline local and globally.