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University of Montenegro

Univerzitet Crne Gore


Open and transparent scholarly communication for achieving full confidence in scientific research findings, and for the benefits of all society.

Contribution to Open Science

University of Montenegro (UoM) was founded in 1974 as a public university covering technical, natural, social sciences and fine arts. University of Montenegro is the biggest and the only public university in Montenegro, gathering ~80% of student population in the Country. It is also the first institution in Montenegro which has signed Budapest Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities in 2018.
UoM has established open access repository in the frame of the Tempus project "New library services at the universities of the Western Balkans", which includes e-theses defended at UoM (

UoM, through its team from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, participates in realization of H2020 NI4OS-Europe project, thus contributing to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) service portfolio. As the part of NI4OS-Europe activities, UoM has established National Open Science Cloud Initiative (NOSCI) in Montenegro, which gathers the most relevant national research institutions.
UoM is a member of EOSC Association, as an observer.

The recognition of the importance of all aspects of Open Science has resulted in adoption of Policy for Open Access to Research Infrastructures at University of Montenegro in October 2020, as the first such policy framework for capitalization on existing infrastructure and opening it to third parties.

Goals and objectives

All research activities, where it is applicable, at UoM to be based on Open Science principles.
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Contact Info
Enis Kočan
Associate professor at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro (UoM)
Open access repository, Open research infrastructure, freely available thematic services, training in the area of Open science practice (publications, ORDM, data FAIRification, etc.)